Massimportera användare till CloudPortal

To import a user:

  • Logon to CloudPortal Service Manager (CPBM).
  • Click Users > Bulk User Import.
  • In Upload User Import File option, click Browse and select the new or edited workbook.
  • Add a description for the workbook and click Upload. The Bulk Import File List displays the file details and the files verified.
  • From the file list, click the Upload Date of the uploaded file.
  • In the Import File Management option, click Import. The User Import page is displayed.
  • Click New Users or Existing Users to view the uploaded users.
  • The list of users is displayed, including any users who might have errors in their entries. Select the verified users to import and fix invalid users to upload at a later date.
  • (Optional) Expand a user to view account properties associated with the user.
  • Click Save to import the selected users.
    Import users with errors in their entries cannot be imported. Hover the mouse on any error to determine the source.
  • Provision one or more services to the users and provision the users to activate them in the customer hierarchy.
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